Industrial numeric LED displays

Large-size numeric electronic displays are programmable devices for displaying numerical information. They are manufactured on the basis of high-illumination, 7-segment LED modules, or electromagnetic bistable elements, which by their parameters ensure very good displaying properties and long lifetime.

These devices, readable from distances of up to tens of meters, are primarily used as output display devices inelectronic information, control, or monitoring systems, or as autonomous display units, controlled by a numerical keyboard.

Technical parameters and outer design in terms of the quality of protection against the surrounding environment are adapted to specific requirements of individual applications, for which they are aimed.

Datasheet Datasheet – NDI and NDU series (pdf)

Display Applications

Displays are used as external display units (so called weight indicators) in industrial weighing systems, on overhead travelling and portal cranes, product counters in a production systems, for reel length measuring, to display a temperature of technological processes, to display speed of the rotation etc. Based on customer‘s setting and NDI/NDU LED modules it’s possible to tailor the display unit exactly to the customer demands – the most of custom made displays are used as production/process monitoring displays to show production details, such as target count, actual count, difference, percentage; actual count, waste, net output; etc. Displays can be connected easily through Ethernet interface to the LAN so can be controlled by technological PC. There are also other connection options, e.g. RS232 or RS485 to connect to PLC unit, Modbus RTU, Profibus DP or LonWorks. Industrial sensors are standardly equipped with 4-20mA (0-20mA) or 0-10V outputs, so if appropriate A/D converter is built into the display, these sensors are available for the displays as well. On custom order we are able to connect incremental rotary coder (IRC) to the NDI/NDU display to count the pulses and detect the direction of the rotation, this method is used for e.g. continuous length measurement (reel lengths).

Numerical LED displays for heavy industry – for indoors

Numeric LED displays of the NDI series are programmable devices, designed for displaying numerical values (e.g. physical values, like a weight, temperature, speed) in demanding industrial conditions. The casing of the displays is of the proved, double-skin design, made of steel sheets, coated with powder paint. The rest of the metal parts are zinc-galvanised. The front cover is made of organic 5 mm anti-glare PMMA glass that ensures outstanding contrast. In order to limit the influence of vibrations, the internal electronics is mounted on flexible blocks.

Industrial grade data and power supply connector ensure reliable electrical connection. The displays have a floating decimal point. Fixed description of the measuring unit (e.g. kg, t, m, t/min, m/sec, pcs, etc.) can be placed on the free surface to the right of digits.

Numerical LED displays for heavy industry – for outdoors

For outdoor use NDI...H65 displays are the best choice. They are equipped with superbright elliptical LEDs with enhanced horizontal wiewing angle that ensures outstanding readability even in the direct sunlight.

Universal numeric displays for light industry

Compared to the NDI series, NDU series displays are of a less robust design, which does not look disturbing even when used in the office. They are suitable for light industry applications.

Casing is made from aluminum with high quality anodized treatment in matt platin grey colour. Unlike the NDI series, electronics is not mounted on flexible anti-vibration blocks.

Universal numeric LED displays - economy

NDE series displays have simple housing with protection class IP 20. They are suitable for light industry applications or office environment.

Enclosure is made of aluminum profile with a high quality anodized treatment in matt platin grey colour. Unlike the NDI and NDU series, NDE‘s front glass does not have an anti-glare surface. Its power supply flexible cable is attached to display‘s back panel through the cable gland. Data terminal connector is on the back panel. The type of connector depends on communication interface used (e.g. RS232, RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP, 4-20 mA, 0-10V).

Weighing industrial systems

NDI...W series displays are the same construction and specification as the basic NDI series, but they are fitted with special symbols and they are intended for weighing applications.

The displays for the use with weighing systems, besides displaying numerical readings, allow to display:

  • Zeroed, stable condition (-O- on the display);
  • Unstable weight readings (weight reading blinking);
  • Tare weight (tara and weight reading alternately indicated on the display);
  • Overflow (out is displayed);
  • Control unit error (err is displayed).


These displays are especially used as weight indicators in various types of industrial weighing systems, where their reading facility is fully exploited (unit type, stable weight, net weight, ...). Some of our customers use these displays on cranes to display load weight (connected to appropriate weighing electronics, that is not a part of our delivery).