Sales terms and conditions for purchase through ELEN E-shop

Please note, these sales terms and conditions are valid for purchasing through ELEN Internet E-shop only. For more information please feel free to contact ELEN's sales department at: .


ELEN company has been on the market since 1991 and since its establishment it has been specializing in development and manufacturing of large size displays. It is well established and stable company, therefore your business transactions are secure. In addition all internet sales give the customers right to return purchased goods within 30-day time period, no questions asked.

The seller:
ELEN, s.r.o.
Lubochnianska 16
080 06 Lubotice

VAT No.: SK2020518104
Registered in the commercial register of the district court Section sro, File No. 75/P Reg. No. 17 077 389

Contact information:
Tel. +421-51-773-3700
Fax +421-51-759-9142

Bank information:
Bank name: CSOB a.s., Presov
IBAN: SK50 7500 0000 0001 1330 0093

E-shop Purchasing Instructions

  1. To make a purchase you can be either registered, or non-registered customer.
  2. Please make a selection of goods and accessories you want to by simply clicking the shopping basket. Selected items will be stored in your cart.
  3. Once your selection is complete click on the "Checkout" button. Then you will have to fill out billing and delivery information and choose freight and payment options. You can also add a note with special requirements.
  4. Next click the "Review Order" button to check if all your order information is correct and then confirm it with the "Submit Order" button.
  5. You will get the "Order Complete" message and automatically generated e-mail with order confirmation will be sent to you.
  6. Your order will be processed within 24 hours (within work days) and goods will be expedited as soon as possible.

Delivery and Payment Terms

After ordering goods through E-shop, we will notify you about the shipping charges via e-mail. We can offer standard economy shipping options or express shipping for faster delivery. Goods will be sent after you agree with the shipping option. Goods are usually shipped within 1 to 3 work days (standard products) or 4 to 6 weeks for custom made or modified products. The payment for goods must be received before time of shipping. E-shop prices for goods are valid at the time of making the order.

Return Policy

The buyer has right to return goods within 30 days from receiving the shipment without explanation. Goods must be returned in the original package, in the same condition (not damaged) and complete with all accessories. The buyer is responsible for freight charge. We do not accept COD shipments. We will refund your money after inspecting the returned goods.

Return Instructions

The buyer is responsible to check the received shipment for any damages to the packaging, or goods themselves. If the goods show sign of any damage he/should immediately make a claim to the shipper who delivered the package. All shipped goods are insured, so freight company is responsible for all damages during the transportation time period. Based on the claim record will the buyer receive reasonable discount, or new product will be sent.

In case of claims, because of mechanical damages, which were not possible to discover immediately when receiving the goods, the buyer should make a claim to seller (ELEN company) by e-mail to: The seller should include all necessary contact information (name, address, telephone contact, order number) and description of the damage.

Later claims, because of mechanical damage reasons will not be accepted by the seller. The buyer is responsible for all freight charges, the seller pays freight charges for returning repaired goods back to buyer (for justifiable claims only). Shall the fault be unrepairable, the seller will replace faulty product with a new one, will replace it with a new type after agreement with the customer while the seller will make a refund to the buyer, or the buyer will pay if the price of new product is higher. Warranty does not cover damages caused by wearing (including standard wear, or abuse), contamination, maintenance neglection, or by using the goods in conditions, or environments for which the goods were not designed. Warranty also does not cover damages caused by higher power including natural disaster, abnormal weather conditions, lightning, or vandalism.

In case of unjustifiable claims, goods will be returned back to buyer with statement why the claim is not justifiable. The seller will process the claim without unreasonable delays, within 30 days from the claim the latest.

Justifiable warranty claims will prolong the warranty by the claim period. If the warranty claim was fulfilled with a product replacement then the warranty will start again from the date of claim completion. The seller will notify the buyer about claim completion either by phone, or e-mail and will send the goods on his own expense to the buyer.

Privacy Statement

Seller declares that all personal data are confidential and will only be used for the execution of the order, or claims with the buyer and these data will not be made public, or provided to third parties etc. with the exception of data needed for transportation of the goods or the method of payment concerning the goods ordered (use of name and shipping address).

Final Provisions

These Business Terms and Conditions are effective as of 15.06.2009 and supersede all previous sales terms and conditions. The Seller reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without previous notice. The seller reserves the right to make corrections, or changes to any, or all information on his web site.