Custom displays

So, you could not find a suitable solution for your application in our offer of standard products portfolio?

For more demanding customers we also offer custom made products. Technical solution of display modules and mechanical costruction can be modified according to customer specifications. Just let us know your requirements. You can even use our automated form, which can be found on this link – inquiry form.

As an example you can look at the following list of some of the custom made displays, which were realized in the past.

Number of days without accident

Work  safety  is  the  priority  of  every  company  and  work accidents  resulting  in  injuries  can  damage  the  reputation. Displaying number of days without accident (or injury) on a big LED  board  in  public  areas  can  motivate  people  to  follow  the work safety procedures and standards. Controlling  of  display  is  very  simple.  Initial  value  can  be  set with an IR remote control. This value is then incremented every 24 hours automatically. Displayed number is stored in internal memory,  so  in  case  of  power  outage  the  correct  number  of days without injury is displayed when power is restored. Display’s  enclosure  consists  of  an  aesthetic  anodized aluminum  frame,  brown  tinted  front  cover  PMMA  glass  and steel back panel coated with black powder paint.

Display dimensions and graphical design of LED safety board can by made as per customer‘s requirements.