Temperature and Humidity LED Displays and Sensors

Would you like to know what is the temperature and humidity in your office, warehouse, production, public areas, etc.? Our large size wall thermometer and hygrostat NDA series LED displays will provide this information in a well readable format. Besides large-size LED displays you can choose from a selection of plug-in internal, or external air temperature and humidity sensors with ability to connect to large size LED displays. Available are various bus connection communication interfaces: USB, serial line RS485, or LAN Ethernet TCP/IP network.

Data logging software DataLoggerTH is also available to monitor and store measured values to PC. External sensors can be used with or without large-size displays. When used as stand-alone units, data logging application can be used to monitor measured values remotly on PC.

Our temperature and humidity LED displays comply with the R.D. 1826/2009 regulation.

Air temperature and humidity