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Air temperature and humidity sensor –

Price without VAT: 145.00 €
Price with VAT: 174.00 €


The THS SENSOR 52 24DC RS485-GI is an air temperature and humidity sensor with galvanically isolated serial communication interface RS485 for transmitting measured values to a master device. It can be used in computer controlled measurement systems or as a peripheral device to a large-size LED display, which displays the measured values.

Technical Specifications

 Sensor type  Sensirion SHT31-DIS
 Temperature range   
 –40 °C to +80 °C
 Typical temperature accuracy
 ±0,3 °C (±0,2 °C for T>0 °C)
 Relative humidity range
 0 to 100% RH
 Typical relative humidity accuracy
 ±2% RH
 Communication interface
 RS485-GI (with galvanic isolation)
 Communication protocol   
 Port connector   
 EUROCLAMP SH05-5,08 (cable length 5 m)
 Software for data logging on PC available
 Environment of use
 interior or exterior (IP 52)
 Power supply
 7 to 32 VDC (with galvanic isolation)
 Compatible with LED displays ELEN, NDA series.


Datasheet (PDF)