Text message displays

The large-size text displays (or alphanumeric displays, moving message boards) are programmable electronic devices for displaying textual information. This information can be static and dynamic – moving message. Displayed messages are entered by a user from PC through a standard serial bus line (RS232, RS485), network bus Ethernet (TCP/IP) or industrial line Profibus DP or Lon Works. Special application program for preparing, simulating and programming of text messages into display is included.

Displays are manufactured on the basis of high-brightness LED elements, which ensure their good displaying properties, high endurance and long lifetime. High quality of displaying is also due to built-in automatic brightness level adjustement and a special anti-reflective cover glass with optical filter (PERSPEX).

These devices with a long readability range are primarily used as output display devices in electronic information systems, control systems, monitoring systems, or as stand-alone boards with advertisement messages.

Technical parameters and outside construction from a design and enclosure quality standpoint are adjusted to requirements of each application for which they are used.


The alphanumeric displays can be used in various private, commercial, or industrial applications. Some of the applications which we have realized for our customers in the past are:

  • displaying of advertisement messages, indoor or outdoor (shopping centers, stores, etc.);
  • displaying special offers for customers (banks and various offices);
  • information for hospital patients and doctors;
  • showing extraordinary events (Metro Prague, subway);
  • actual information about traffic;
  • truck navigation at the parking lot;
  • displaying results of the election;
  • displaying current production status;
  • displaying technological processes and emergency conditions;
  • information board for car wash customers;
  • information board for ship lock (ship lock in Gabcikovo);
  • passenger information systems for railways, arrivals and departures of trains;
  • ...and many others according to customer requests.

General product datasheet – Text Displays of TDU series (pdf)

Datasheet of Text Displays of TDU 76-10/xxx H20(H54) series (pdf)

Datasheet of Text Displays of TDU 99-16/xxx...H54 series (pdf)

Datasheet of Text Displays of TDU 122-16/xxx...H54 series (pdf)

Datasheet of Text Displays of TDU 200-20/xxx...H54 series (pdf)


Since text displays are produced mainly as custom made you will find only several of standard display types in this catalog. If you are interested in text display please do not hesitate to contact us at .sk and we will prepare an offer for you according to your requirements. To see some of the custom made displays you can also visit our picture Galery.

Indoor text displays

Text displays for the interior use.