Passenger information systems

Passenger information systems play an important role of every modern railway station. Their usage affects  passengers‘ comfort and security in public transportation. Modern information systems consist of computer controlled automation systems which work in real time. The actual information about trasportation connections and transportation organisation are provided via information announcements through the station‘s broadcast and also by a visual information displayed on large-size information boards.

ELEN company manufactures special types of LED based large-size displays for these information systems. These displays feature excellent displaying parameters, long life time, great robustness and reliability. Therefore they are suitable to be used in information systems for all types of public personal transportation (railway, bus, airports and marine).

In cooperation with other partners provides ELEN company delivery of passenger information systems, which contain all technical and programming tools to offer a complete information system.

Voice and visual information system HaVIS


Computer controlled information system HaVIS provides automated announcement message generation which is delivered to passengers through station broadcast and also provides actual information about train departures and arrivals on large-size information boards, which are placed in various areas of the railway station. Modern conception of this system makes it possible to build information system networks for enclosed track sections with a possibility of control from the central dispatching office.

Modern information display boards of the TDR series, which are part of the HaVIS information system, provide high quality displaying of visual information. Because of the automatic brightness regulation system, boards ensure good readability in all ambient light conditions. Departures, arrivals, underpass and platform large-size display boards provide information to passengers about individual train connections and actual changes of train schedules. Displaying part of boards is made on the basis of new generation LED elements with high brightness, long lifetime, high reliability and extreme endurance. New information boards of the TDR series are notable for their low operational cost and a minimum service and maintenance requirements.

Information leaflet

A brief information leaflet about the HaVIS can be downloaded below:

Informačný list

Information leaflet HaVIS (pdf)

Photo galery – boards and accessories HaVIS

Photo galery of some realized projects