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Queuing displays

Numerical call displays of the NDS series are electronic displaying devices, designed for calling clients in banks, public institutions, healthcare facilities, etc. They are controlled by a keypad with a control display, which is connected to the main display by means of a serial communication line. Besides displaying selected numerical values, the displays generate a melodic sound signal, which draws clients’ attention to the change of the displayed number. In the case of need, the function of the sound signal can be switched off by a program, controlled by the keypad. The displays are manufactured in the models suitable for mounting on walls, or with a holder for mounting on a levelled surface, or for hanging. With their design, they are suitable for the use in demanding architectural interiors. They are supplied in two colour versions – bronze and plattinum matt.

Standard accessories

  • AC adapter 230 VAC/12 VDC, 0.5 A;
  • 4-digit or 6-digit keypad with control display;
  • Junction box with input for connection of power cord of AC adapter;
  • 3 m long flat cable (2x RJ-11) for keypad – junction box connection, 5 m long cable for the junction box – display connection (the cables are included in the price of the set).


The power supply wires, together with the data wires, are joined into one input/output RJ-11 6/6 connector (display, keypad). The keypad, the junction box and the display can be interconnected very easily by means of the flat cable. The junction box has two RJ-11 6/6 connectors for the connection of the display and the keypad, which are identical and mutually interchangeable in terms of connections.


Katalogový list Datasheet queuing displays NDS (pdf)

Queuing displays