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Air temperature and humidity LED display with internal sensor -
NDA 100/3-2 THS R L20 230AC USB

Price without VAT: 276.00 €
Price with VAT: 331.20 €


Ordering codeZZ0905-1.xx
Digitstemperature – 3
humidity – 2
LED typesuper bright 7-segment LED modules, viewing angle 120°
Height of characters100 mm
Type of displaying elementstemperature – Red/Green/Yellow
humidity – Red/Green/Yellow
Readability range40 m
Frame colourplatinum matt
Inputs / Outputs1x USB type B – connector for configuration settings or data logging to PC
Frame typeaesthetic anodized aluminium / non-glare, grey colour tinted PMMA glass
Class of protectionIP 20, indoor use only
Power supply100-240VAC, power supply cable with 2-pole EU plug, length 2 m
Power consumption13 W max.
Dimensions470 x 350 (417) x 59 mm (please see dimensional drawing on second page of datasheet)
Weight4,5 kg

The NDA 100/3-2 THS RG L20 230AC USB is an electronic monitoring device which measures and displays air temperature and humidity on a large format. It is suitable for use in indoor environment (public institutions, banks, bus and railway stations, airports, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.).

Its enclosure consists of aesthetic anodized aluminum frame, non-glare front cover glass and steel back panel. Excellent readability is ensured by super-bright 7-segment LED modules with a wide viewing angle. The color of LED digits can be set to red, green, or yellow by user.

Temperature and humidity sensor probe is detachable and connects into display frame from the bottom side. Display is equipped with USB interface for connecting to PC and data logging of measured values. Power supply cable is attached from the back side.

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