Air temperature and humidity LED display -
NDA 100/3-2 TH RG L30 230AC RS485


The NDA 100/3-2 TH RG L30 230AC RS485 is an electronic monitoring device which displays air temperature and humidity on a large format. It is suitable for use in indoor environment (public institutions, banks, bus and railway stations, airports, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.).

Its enclosure consists of aesthetic anodized aluminum frame, non-glare front cover glass and steel back panel. Excellent readability is ensured by super-bright 7-segment LED modules with a wide viewing angle.

External temperature and humidity sensor connects to display with cable via serial RS485 inerface.

Display is equiped with RS485 interface for connecting to PC and data logging of measured values.
Power supply cable is attached from the back side.


Datasheet (PDF)