Communication module - wireless, RF

Price without VAT: 35.00 €
Price with VAT: 42.00 €


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Basic parameters:

  • radio RF control of church psalm / hymn displays;
  • must be installed into display (at ELEN company);
  • range: at least 50 m, direct line of sight without barriers (works through walls, but range will be shorter);
  • uses radio frequency 868 MHz.


RF module is used as an optional accessory for wireless RF control of LED displays. This radio control is used in case when distance between user and display is more than 20 m (out of IR remote control range), or if display is not in direct line of sight (behind wall, or some barriers, etc.). RF module is installed into display and can receive RF signal from another display which is also equipped with RF module (e.g. from a control mini display NDT 38/3 R RF), into which the user is sending information.

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