Church psalm / song display NDT 100/3 R - gold frame

Price without VAT: 172.00 €
Price with VAT: 206.40 €


Ordering codeZZ0561-4.00
Number format8.8.8.
Height of characters100 mm
Type of displaying elementsred
Readability range40 m
Frame colourgold
ControlIR Empfänger
Communication interfaceIR Empfänger, optional Funkmodul - RF kit
Power supply230VAC / 50Hz
Dimensions385 mm x 190 mm x 39 mm (135 mm)
Weight2.2 kg


The NDT LED digital displays are mainly used for displaying psalm song numbers during the church services. Nevertheless, these displays can also be used in other applications such as universal number displays with a remote control (for example, customer number calling, etc.)

Detailed information:

  • Wireless control from handheld IR controller (up to 20 m range)
  • Wireless control via RF (radio frequency) receiver (more than 50 m range)
  • Possibility to also show some alphabetical characters (A, b, C, d, E, F, H, P, U, -, space, decimal point)
  • Simple number incrementation/decrementation by 1 using cursor keys (arrow up/down)
  • Switching between displaying verse and strophe numbers
  • Memory for up to 30 numbers (possibility to prepare all psalm numbers ahead)
  • Simple showing of numbers from memory using cursor keys (arrow up/down)
  • 2 settable levels of brightness for day, or night operation
  • The verse and strophe number switching interval can be set by user
  • Possibility of interconnecting up to 32 devices (displays and RF repeater) using a 2-wire cable and RS-485 serial interface
  • Unlimitted number of controlled displays using a radio signal from the RF repeater


Psalm display can be controlled and set by a remote control, which you can add to shopping basket as a display accessory. In case that you do not need the remote control (e.g. you are buying additional psalm display and you already own one remote control), please choose option without remote control.

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Datasheet (PDF)