Production board -
NDU 100/4x2 R L20 Counter + IR


Number format8.8.8.8.
LED type7-Segment leuchtstarke LED-Anzeige, Ablesewinkel 120°
Height of characters100 mm
Type of displaying elementsred
Readability range40 m
Frame colourplatinmatt
Inputs / Outputscounter, IR
Class of protectionIP 20
Power supply230 Vac
Dimensions700 x 380 x 40 mm


Display NDU 100/4x2 R L20 Counter+IR provides information about the target and actal value of produced amount of goods. Display is suitable for indoor applications. Target can be set via IR remote control, Actual can be incremented via connected sensor (e.g. photo-sensor, induction sensor, etc.)

Simple hanging brackets are included with delivery. Wall mounting console is also available.


Detailed information:

  • Superbright 7-segment LED modules
  • Viewing angle 120°
  • Frame made of anodized aluminum profile
  • Antir-glare front cover glass, dim brown, 5 mm PMMA glass
  • Industrial data connector for sensor ensures good electrical connection
  • Power supply cable 230 VAC, 2 m long
  • Hanging brackets for ceiling mounting
  • Dimensional drawing