Meranie a zobrazovanie teploty vody v bazéne -
Veľkoplošný LED teplomer CDN 100/3 T R L20 230AC IR/RF


The swimming pool water temperature monitoring system consists of a large size LED numerical display, RF floating water temperature sensor and IR remote control. This system measures and displays the water temperature in large format. The measured temperature value is transferred into display from the floating sensor placed into swimming pool some distance from display via wireless radio transmission.

LED display is based on super-bright 7-segment LED modules, AlInGaP chip technology, which ensures their good displaying properties in indoor environment with artificial lights and long lifetime. Nevertheless, it is not advised to install this type of display under direct sunlight. Display’s digit height is 10 cm and its viewing angle is very large, up to 120°.

Mechanical design of display’s enclosure makes it suitable to be used in swimming pool indoor environment. It is made of aesthetic platinum color anodized aluminum and high quality dim front glass with anti-reflective surface. Back panel is from steel, painted with black powder paint. Flexible power cable for connecting to electrical installation junction box is attached to back panel of display. Installation junction box is offered as optional accessory. If desired, serial RS485 line can be also provided from back side of display. It can be used for connecting display to a PC and logging the measured values in a PC database. It is offered as optional accessory together with data logging software application.

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