LED display number of days without accident - custom made


Number format8888
Height of characters160 mm
Type of displaying elementsred, yellow, white (according to customer's requirement)
Readability range70 m
Controlremote control IR
Frame typealuminum frame, non-corrosive
Class of protectionIP54
Power supply230 VAC
Power consumption15 W
Dimensions900 x 600 x 40 mm

Work safety is a priority of every company and work accidents and injuries can damage good company reputation. Displaying number of days without accident on a big LED board in public areas can motivate people to follow the work safety procedures and standards.

Dimensions and graphical design of LED safety board can be manufactured as per customer‘s requirements.

Controlling of display is very simple. Initial value can be set with an IR remote control. This value is automatically incremented every 24 hours. Displayed number is stored in display‘s memory, so after power supply outage the correct number of days without accident is displayed.

This display was made for US Steel Company.


Datasheet (PDF)