Digital clocks for displaying time -
NDC 160/4 R L20 PoE LAN
-interface PoE LAN

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Digital clocks NDC 160/4 R L20 PoE Ethernet display actual time, which is synchronized with a central NTP time server over the LAN network. It can also show the break time period in the intervals set by a user in the configuration software application. After the break period is over, the clock shows actual time again. Beginning and end of work shifts or break periods are announced by a sound from the horn*. The clock is powered directly from a LAN PoE network (PoE = Power over Ethernet), or it can be powered from the power mains (230VAC or 110VAC) using a PoE injector with power supply adapter. The clock frame is made of aesthetic anodized aluminum, which is of platinum matt color. LED diodes are super bright with viewing angle 120°. Digital clock delivery includes mounting tilting console installed on the back panel. *Acoustical signalization (siren) is offered as optional accessory for 45,00 EUR. Siren parameters: 12V (powered directly from the clock), output power: 95dB.

Main Features:

  • Displying time in format: HH:MM, HOUR:MIN.
  • LAN connection and synchronization with NTP time server.
  • Possibility to add several clocks into a unified network time.
  • Possibility to set up to 10 work shifts and breaks with a special PC application.
  • Announcement of breaks start/end with sound alarm.
  • Powered directly from LAN with PoE router or switch.
  • 7-segment super bright LED diodes, viewing angle 120°.
  • Frame made of anodized aluminum, platinum matt color.

Datasheets and Software:

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