Digitale LED Wanduhren


Sie müssen die genaue Uhrzeit, das Datum oder sogar die Temperatur und die relative Luftfeuchtigkeit in Ihrem Büro, Lager, Ihrer Produktion, Ihrem Serverraum usw. wissen? Unsere digitalen LED-Wanduhren der NDC-Serie zeigen diese Informationen in einem großen und leicht lesbaren Format an. Die Auswahl an angebotenen Schnittstellen – USB, RS485, LAN, PoE LAN – ermöglicht den Einsatz als eigenständige Uhren oder die Einbindung in einheitliche Zeitsysteme. Die LAN- und PoE-LAN-Schnittstellen ermöglichen die Zeitsynchronisation mit dem NTP-Zeitserver. Alternativ kann die Uhrzeit auch über einen als Zubehör erhältlichen GPS-Empfänger aktualisiert werden.

Digitale Innenuhren, Ziffernhöhe 57 mm, Format Zeitanzeige HH:MM, Stunden:Minuten

Digitale Innenuhren, Ziffernhöhe 57 mm, Format Zeitanzeige HH:MM:SS, Stunden:Minuten:Sekunden

Digitale Innenuhren, Ziffernhöhe 100 mm, Format Zeitanzeige HH:MM, Stunden:Minuten

Digitale Innenuhren, Ziffernhöhe 100 mm, Format Zeitanzeige HH:MM:SS, Stunden:Minuten:Sekunden

Digitale Innenuhren, Ziffernhöhe 160 mm, Format Zeitanzeige HH:MM, Stunden:Minuten

The NDC series digital LED wall clocks are electronic devices that display the current time, date, temperature and relative humidity.
During their construction, maximum emphasis was placed on high functional reliability and aesthetic appearance. The clock is especially suitable for use in modern interiors such as public institutions, railway and bus stations, airports, hospitals, shopping centers, banks, offices, production halls, etc., where their installation provides an aesthetic and practical accessory. High-brightness 7-segment LED modules and a dark cover glass with an anti-reflective coating ensure good readability and a wide viewing angle. The brightness level can be controlled automatically, depending on the ambient light level, or manually according to the user's preference.

All displayed information and clock parameters (such as time, date, stopwatch, countdown, duration of each information, brightness, etc.) can be set using the remote control or, depending on the type of clock, via USB, RS485, LAN, PoE LAN and web browser and embedded application - Web Server. Clocks that are equipped with RS485, LAN or PoE LAN can be connected to a unified time system and synchronized with an NTP server or other clocks in the network (master clock). Clock communication takes place via Modbus RTU (RS485 interface) and Modbus TCP (LAN, PoE LAN) communication protocol. The assembly of the clock is easy. The clock is supplied with a wall hanging bracket, 230VAC / 12VDC power supply adapter and assembly instructions. There are various optional accessories offered, the list and description of which can be found below.

Depending on the selected optional accessories, the clock can be connected to a GPS time receiver (GPS module), which allows to achieve long-term time accuracy without the need to set it and automatically changes the time from summer to winter and vice versa. For clocks with LAN or PoE LAN communication, the time can be synchronized with an NTP time server. In addition, the PoE LAN interface allows the clock to be installed without the need of separate power cables installation, as the clock is powered via a LAN network (Power over Ethernet).

If necessary, in addition to the time and date, to also display the temperature and relative humidity, the measurement of these parameters is ensured by means of a digital sensor with high measurement accuracy. The temperature and humidity sensor is available in two versions, depending on how it is connected to the clock:

  1. Detachable "plug-in" temperature and humidity sensor for the NDC ... THS clock series.
  2. External temperature and humidity sensor, THS Sensor with RS485, LAN or WiFi interface, which is connected to the same network as the NDC clock.

The clock, which is equipped with a USB or RS485 communication interface, uses the MODBUS RTU communication protocol, while displays with an Ethernet LAN interface use the MODBUS TCP/IP protocol. This protocol can be used to obtain date, time, temperature and humidity data and to set clock parameters using external devices such as computers, PLCs and various control units. As a result, the clock can be easily integrated into various intelligent building management systems (e.g. BMS - Building Management Systems, etc.).

Larger types of clocks - NDC 160/x… H54 and NDC 212/x… H54 are designed for use in outdoor environments or industrial conditions. These clocks use ultra-bright red smd LED diodes with a lens, which ensures its good visibility even in direct sunlight.

The stopwatch or counter countdown function can be used to accurately measure the time interval. There is a switched contact of the built-in relay, which is controlled on the basis of the end of the countdown or according to the programmed time intervals, which allows you to use the clock, e.g. to control ringtones in schools.

Main Features

  • Digit height, depending on clock model, 57 mm, 100 mm, 160 mm, 212 mm (readability up to 23, 40, 70, 100 m).
  • High brightness LED modules with wide viewing angle 120° (indoor clocks) and 60° (outdoor clocks).
  • Alternating of each information and its duration can be set from 0 to 99 sec.
  • Automatic or manual LED brightness control (built-in light sensor).
  • Stylish frame made of anodized aluminum profile.
  • Tinted acrylic glass with non-glare surface.
  • Wireless setup using IR remote control or via USB/RS485/LAN connection.
  • Various communication interfaces: USB, RS485, LAN, PoE LAN – allows building a unified time network and synchronization with NTP server or Master clock.
  • Can be set as Count-up or Count-down timer/counter (with optional trigger input and Relay switch output).
  • Built-in time scheduler for triggering alarm events, e.g. time breaks, work shifts (with optional Relay output).
* Displaying temperature and relative humidity depends on the clock model type or purchased accessories.

Standard Accessories

  • Power supply adapter 230 VAC/ 12 VDC, 1 A.
  • Wall mounting bracket. (Tilting console for outdoor clock models NDC 160/x a NDC 212/x).
  • Screws and fasteners.
  • Installation instructions.

Optional Accessories – it is ordered separately according to customer's requirements

  • Remote control IR:
          - At least 1 pc. is necessary to be purchased with the clock.
          - In case of purchasing more clocks, only one remote is needed.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor:
          – Internal (plug-in probe): sensor is included with the clock model NDC...THS delivery.
          – External: THS Sensor 52 12DC RS485, THS Sensor 40 LAN alebo THS Sensor 40 12DC WiFI.
  • Relay voltage-free contact switch:
          – Can be used for triggering external device (e.g. acoustic or light alarm).
  • Counter/timer trigger input:
          – Used for triggering counter or timer events (e.g. countdown, countup, stopwatch).
  • GPS interface and GPS receiver:
          – Used for time synchronization with GPS satellite.


Digital clocks are used either as independent clocks or more frequently as a part of clock network controlled by GPS signal receiver, typical examples are airport halls, railway station halls and platforms, production halls, company buildings etc. Digital clocks are also useful in time attendance systems. Countdown function is also very often used, e.g. to count the days/hours/minutes until end of the year, to count remaining days until supermarket is open, to count remaining time to the next cleaning service (abroad), etc.

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