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Digital clocks for displaying time, date, temperature and humidity -
NDC 100/4 THS R L20 PoE LAN
-interface PoE LAN

Preis ohne MwSt: 383,00 €
Preis inkl. gesetzl: 459,60 €

Ordering code: ZZ0934-0.00


Product Description and Application

The NDC 100/4 THS R L20 PoE LAN series digital LED wall clocks are electronic devices which display the current time, date, temperature and relative humidity information. It can also be set and used as a stopwatch or countdown, count-up counter/timer.

The clock is especially suitable for use in modern interiors of various public institutions, offices, railway and bus stations, airports, hospitals, shopping centers, banks, production plants and many other places, where its installation provides an aesthetic and practical add-on.

All clock‘s parameters, e.g. time, date, stopwatch, countdown, brightness, the type and duration of displayed information, etc., can be set via LAN connection with PC using Internet web browser and clock‘s embedded application - Web Server.

The clock is equipped with a PoE LAN Ethernet interface, which allows its integration into a unified time system and synchronization with NTP server or other clocks on the network using LAN Ethernet TCP/IP connection with Modbus TCP communication protocol.

During their construction the maximum emphasis was placed on high functional reliability and aesthetic appearance. High-brightness thre7-segment LED modules and a dark cover glass with an anti-reflective coating ensure good readability and a wide viewing angle. The brightness level can be controlled automatically, depending on the ambient lighting conditions, or manually, according to the user's preference.

Installation is easy, the clock is supplied with a wall hanging bracket and installation instructions. In addition, the PoE LAN interface allows the clock to be installed without the need of separate power cables installation because the clock is powered directly from the LAN network (Power over Ethernet). 

Main Features

  • Digit height 100 mm, readability up to 40 m.
  • Format: HH:MM (hours : minutes), DD:MM (day : month), X.XX°C (temperature) and XX rH (relative air humidity in %RH)
  • Displaying TIME, DATE, TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY, (stopwatch, countdown/up counter).
  • High brightness LED modules with wide viewing angle 120°.
  • Alternating of displayed information and its duration can be set from 0 to 99 sec.
  • Automatic or manual LED brightness control (built-in light sensor).
  • Stylish frame made of anodized aluminum profile.
  • Tinted acrylic glass with non-glare surface.
  • Setup via LAN connection using Internet web browser and built-in Web Server software application.
  • PoE LAN interface allows building a unified time network and synchronization with NTP server.
  • Can be set as Count-up or Count-down timer/counter (with optional trigger input and Relay switch output).
  • Built-in time scheduler for triggering alarm events, e.g. time breaks, work shifts (with optional Relay output).

Standard Accessories – included with display delivery

  • Temperature and humidity sensor:
          - Internal, plug-in sensor: THS Sensor 40 3,3DC I2C.
  • Wall mounting bracket with screws and fasteners.
  • Installation instructions and user manual.
  • Optional Accessories – ordered separately, as needed

    • Remote control IR.
    • Relay voltage-free contact switch:
            – Can be used for triggering external device (e.g. acoustic or light alarm).
    • Counter/timer trigger input:
            – Used for triggering counter or timer events (e.g. countdown, count-up, stopwatch).

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