Großanzeige für Temperatur -
LED Großanzeige thermometer CDN 100/3 T RG L20 230AC 1WIRE



This set of numerical display, temperature sensor and IR remote control is designed to measure and display air temperature in large format. The temperature sensor is attached to display with cable and can be installed up to 2 meters from display.
Display has super-bright 3-color 7-segment modules with digit height 10 cm. LED color can be set with IR remote control to red, green, or yellow. It is also possible to set the temperature limits (high and low) and displayed values will change color when these limits are exceeded.
Construction of display is made of aesthetic anodized aluminum frame platinum matt color and dim gray front glass. Back panel is from steel, painted with black powder paint. These displays are suitable for use in indoor environment only, but temperature probe can be installed indoor or outdoor. Flexible power cord for connecting to power mains is attached to back panel of display.


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